Workplace Massage

Massage releases tension and alleviates stress, which makes it beneficial to any workplace. A 10-15 minute, fully clothed, massage can help prevent headaches, repetitive strain injury, and lower blood pressure, reducing the need for long term sick leave and saving employers money in the long term. By stimulating circulation, massage can aid concentration and help increase productivity in the workplace and keep the body injury free. In an era where wages are low and workloads high, massage is an affordable and convenient benefit to offer your employees and improve workplace morale.

Some employers who offer a weekly or fortnightly short massage to their employees choose to cover the cost themselves, and some choose to split it with the employee, so do whatever is right for your business. I offer competitive rates and my minimum booking is 2 hours. I bring my own equipment and all I need is a private space, such a meeting room, to set up and treat my clients: your staff.

Please contact me directly for further information.