Brie, mainly. Sharpham brie. Devon Blue. Bath Blue. Cheese on the whole. And wine. And my husband’s crispy belly pork, and baked spaghetti, and Glamorgan sausages, and his amazing chocolate delice. And ooh, he’s been practicing his gluten free prawn toasts! Amazing stuff. AMAZING.

Need a reason to run? See above.

One of the reasons I run is to keep the forklift truck at bay. So I don’t need to be winched out of the our bedroom window and transported by forklift truck. So I don’t turn into a massive blimp. So my clothes continue to fit and I don’t have to waste money buying new ones. There is no more painful expense than that of fat pants; agreed?

Of course, running, however fab, doesn’t burn every calorie and every ounce of fat and it’s easy to fall into the trap of “ooh I ran 3 miles so I can definitely have a burger for lunch.” It’s easy to gain weight when training for an endurance event as you may find your appetite goes through the roof. I gained weight while doing the London to Cardiff charity run, keeping my energy up with lasagna, chips, and Guinness every night. I did lose weight a few days after finishing though as my body rebuilt itself and the need for the lasagna etc diminished. Good food choices will complement your training and make the process easier, but in general if you exercise then you don’t want to watch things quite as closely.

To be clear, I don’t run to be thin or even to lose weight. I run to maintain. I run to keep everything in balance and enjoy a happy quality of life. There’s too much good food here in Devon.

Just get a baggy top to run in if you do feel you have been overindulging. Works a treat for me.