I cannot speak highly enough of Lily and the service she provides. Not only has she helped to greatly reduce the pain I experience in my shoulder (post-surgery), but she also gave me really useful strategies to get me back to full strength. Overall, an excellent, personable and highly skilled service.


Lily has magic hands! I am a new mum recently gone back to work doing hard physical labour in a cold fridge for up to 55 hours a week. I had knots the size of walnuts in muscles I didn’t know existed… Now instead of dosing up on painkillers to get through the day I can move more freely. She has also given me some simple stretches to do whenever I feel tight or achy. Now a visit is more for relaxation than the pain (but don’t tell the husband or I won’t be allowed to go anymore ;-p )


Lily instantly put me at ease and expertly identified issues which I have with my posture and once she started working on me, my ability to relax! After only 60 minutes, she had managed to relieve tension and pain in my back, leaving me feeling so much better. I couldn’t recommend Lily more.


Met Lily last week after a friend recommended her and she was fantastic! The best massage I have had and my shoulder and back felt amazing afterwards after 4 days of pain. I can now move again and will definitely be back!


Thank you Lily for your excellent work. You are amazing. After breaking my arm a few months ago I was struggling to get back on track, suffering restrictive movement, endless headaches/migraine and broken sleep. After just one session I started to feel so much better – no headaches, great improvement in movement and sleeping better. Looking forward to seeing how I feel after having a few more appointments – can’t wait.


Fantastic massage by Lily. Found all my pesky trouble spots and after years of living with pain is putting all my niggles to bed and making me a new man! Thanks again


A restful night’s sleep, undisturbed by pain and discomfort, and gardening back ache gone following just two one hour sessions with Lily – what a difference she’s made – amazing!!


I have complicated and long standing shoulder and back problems. Lily listened really well when I described them and as she examined what was going on she was really thorough and clear in her explanation of what she found and what she was doing to address the issues. I found her to be very helpful and highly recommend her.


I am a mum, which is a demanding job and an exercise regime by itself. Lifting and holding the baby while pushing the pram and carrying all the necessary apparatus for the daily survival took its toll on my back. I was in significant pain but a few sessions with Lily have sorted me out. Would recommend Dartmoor Massage to everyone.


Due to excessive sports and minimal stretching I have used Lily’s massaging expertise many times over the year. I wouldn’t recommend anyone else to do maintenance on my muscles! Professional and technically amazing. Rehabilitation has always been quicker with her.


The best massage I’ve ever had… Having a lot of tension in my shoulders and feeling such relief afterwards. Highly recommended


I have been going to Dartmoor Massage after a broken arm and surgery to my shoulder, its been wonderful to accompany this along with physio i think it played a major part in my recovery. A unique method and completely relaxing in her lovely home in Bovey Tracey. I am going to continue with monthly visits to maintain a good balance as i start swimming fully again. Thanks Lily